What we do to sell your property

Selling your property requires team work.  Our role is to market your property in the most effective way and help you close the deal.

This is how we do it:

l  We book a professional photographer to take inside & outside photos of your home.  This expedites the preparation of the MLS listing, Listing Brochure Package, and loading of internet and website information and pictures.

l  We place an electronic lock box at the property which allows CREB Realtors controlled, secure access when showing your home.  Each viewing is logged electronically, keeping your home safe and secure

l  We post Listing information into the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) MLX databank, so that all Realtors are immediately notified when the listing becomes active.

l  We forward listing information to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) for placement on the public website – www.realtor.ca (formerly the MLS.ca).

l  We obtain copies of Land Title, Mortgage Verification, Tax Verification and Real Property Report to expedite the sale of your property.

l  We place a For Sale sign, Directional signs and a Take One box (optional) on your property. This allows showing Realtors and those driving by to identify the property easily. This also informs neighbors (who dearly want friends and family close to them) and prospective buyers of the property’s availability.

l  We notify all qualified purchasers in our database who are waiting to buy a property that fits your description.

l  We prepare a professional full-colour package for viewers to take away with them.

l  After each showing we contact the Realtors to give us objective feedback from their clients.  This information, which we pass on to you, helps us to determine if we are ‘on track’ with our pricing and marketing, and also help us to make changes that may expedite the sale of your property.. 

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